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Change Whirlpool Water Filter

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Locating the Filter

Identifying the position of your Whirlpool refrigerator's water filter simplifies your maintenance routine. Each model places the filter uniquely, most often in the grille at the base or housed in the upper right back corner inside. Begin by sliding out the base grille if your fridge has this feature; a button or snap mechanism often releases the filter here.

For internal filter placements, open your refrigerator and look to the upper right-hand corner. Specific models might integrate a cover which you can lift, pull down, or slide to access the water filter. Familiarizing yourself with these spots makes the chore easier next time.

If the manual is misplaced, a peek under the grille or behind the produce trays could offer clues. Spotting the installation angle or catch mechanism beforehand can spare you from contortions sometimes necessary for unfamiliar tasks.

If needed, find precise positions online using keywords tied to your model number. Note the specific type of mechanism, be it push-release, twist-out, or snap-fit, to further smooth out the filter replacement process. Familiarizing yourself with these aspects can turn a seemingly complex setup into a straightforward maintenance step.

The base grille of a Whirlpool refrigerator with the water filter visible

Filter Installation

Before installing the new filter, remove the old one correctly. For grille-located filters, press the button to the left or right of the filter, or turn it gently counterclockwise. The old water filter should partially eject itself, allowing you to fully remove it.

For inside-refrigerator filters, locate the tab or button that releases the filter. Gently twist the filter counterclockwise or pull it directly out, depending on the release mechanism. Keep a towel handy for potential water spillage.

Ensure compatibilities and remove any protective caps on the new filter before installation. Align the new filter with the indication notches or arrows on your refrigerator. For horizontally installed filters, these usually face up; for base grille filters, they typically face toward the back of the fridge or directly at you.

Insert the new filter into the slot and push firmly until it seats completely. For grille models, a strong push until you hear a 'click' locks the filter in place. For internal models, align it straight and adjust by pushing directly in or turning clockwise until it snaps or clicks into position. Ensure the filter is secure to prevent poor filtration and leakages.

Once installed, dispense a couple of gallons of water through the new filter to flush the system, eliminating carbon residue or air bubbles. This revitalizes the system for optimal operation.

After flushing, double-check for leaks around the filter area. If all appears tight, you've successfully replaced your Whirlpool refrigerator's water filter, ensuring continued access to clean, great-tasting water and ice. Replace these filters every six months based on regular usage to prevent sediment, contaminants, and other unwelcome variables from entering your drinking water supply.

A person inserting a new water filter into their Whirlpool refrigerator

By following these steps for locating and replacing your Whirlpool refrigerator's water filter, you ensure that your appliance continues to provide high-quality water. Regular filter replacement is essential for optimal performance and cleanliness, safeguarding your household's health with every glass of water dispensed.

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